Carl Brown has been a regular contributor to The Highlander since August 2008. 

Carl Brown

Carl Brown is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, B.A., political science, and Vanderbilt University Law School.  Retired from law and politics (Brown was a Jefferson County Commissioner and the Republican candidate for the United States Senate), he now divides his time as a free-lance writer, published author and judo instruction (Brown is an 8th degree Black Belt in Kodokan Judo).
Brown's former editor, Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) founder, Congressman John Yarmuth had this to say about Carl Brown: "(he) has always been one of the most thought-provoking, as well as discomforting, commentators on American culture. His columns defy labels or characterizations, because they arrive without baggage, each fully capable of attribution to a new and different writer. It is that fresh approach that distinguishes the man we know as the Plain Brown Rapper..."
Brown is the author of five published law books and novels as well as scores of free-lance articles ranging from "Fighting Stars Ninja" to "The Journal on Psychoactive Substances."  He has appeared in three independent films, one of which, "The Painting," received international acclaim.

Brown says about himself, "I'm a judo fighter and free-lance writer; when I'm not fighting, I like to be writing and when not writing, I like to be fighting."
He currently is Louisville's "Plain Brown Rapper" and writes occasionally for The Highlander Neighborhood Monthly.

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