The Highlander Neighborhood Monthly served neighborhoods in and around Louisville's Highlands after publishing its first edition in December 2006. In 2010 we expanded our distribution to include neighborhoods beyond the Highlands. 

In August 2012, The Highlander ventured into new territory, including the Iroquois Park area and select locations in Old Louisville, Downtown, along Brownsboro Road, at Hikes Point and in Buechel. The newsprint edition was available free at more than 200 area locations, reaching an estimated 30,000 readers per month. 

The Highlander offered local content, with writers and photographers creating award-winning stories, columns and photos. Residents and neighborhood groups shared their news, and area businesses kept us informed on events and openings. 

Readers were invited to share their views, story ideas, original stories, neighborhood news, business news, calendar listings, rants, raves or anything in between. We included as much as space would allow.

Sadly, we had to discontinue our coverage due to limited resources, but were glad to have served our community for over seven exciting years.