Cindy Lamb's stories have appeared in the pages of The Highlander since March 2007. Cindy writes:

Cindy LambI’m a Kentucky native, born in Lexington, and have lived in some of the best music cities in the nation, including Nashville and Memphis. Born a little late for the Summer of Love, I was a child immersed in media. From age 5, television, radio and stacks of 45 rpm pop hits kept my attention. Having exposure to the Grand Ole Opry, Hullabaloo, Gospel Jubilee and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson – all at the same time – resulted in a convergence that would fuel the urge to head west. I became a transplant from the Bluegrass to Los Angeles and got the lucky – and unplanned – break to write for the entertainment trade. 

Snagging an interview with Peter Gabriel on the tour after he broke from Genesis got me my first byline. I continued to have published profiles, interviews and other features for such publications as Music Connection, L.A Reader, L.A. Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Bay Area Music (BAM) and others. This was before the Internet ... I reviewed LPs and there was no "spell check." My editors were long-suffering and kind, for I was untrained. I just liked to talk to people and tell their story. 

Four years in Seattle brought me a new vocation as a birth doula and I returned to Kentucky as Birth Care Network was being formed. (

I have written for LEO as both staff and freelance since 1995, and contributed to Louisville Magazine, Kentucky Living, Lexington Herald-Leader and last but not least, the late, great Louisville Times.

Along with John Gage and friends, I volunteer with Kentucky Homefront, which is heard on WFPK, and am a proud member of Louisville Public Media. If you tuned into WFPL a few years back, you may have heard my voice as a local morning commentator. That was a blast ... maybe they’ll bring it back.

Along with many Louisvillians, I cling to my high school years as the core of our existence – Eastern High School class of ’74. I was a freak in the parking lot and proud of it. I actually shopped at Sears with my mother and siblings before it became the "old Sears building" now used to give directions around town. Many dwellings in the Highlands have been my home through three decades – from Rosewood to Bonnycastle, Cherokee Road to Goddard. I now reside in the Highlands-Douglass neighborhood with my furry feline children, Rory, Little Bear, Andy and Pumpkin Blossom.

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