Gun Control Column Refreshing
With all the straw men being paraded in the gun debate, it was refreshing to read Carl Brown's column in the March Highlander, in which he clearly made the case that the Second Amendment protects all the others.

With an astute understanding of history and human nature, the founding fathers anticipated the danger, and indeed the likelihood, that their new government would evolve into tyranny. In their wisdom and foresight, for which all patriotic Americans are eternally grateful, they enacted the Second Amendment to the Constitution. That amendment does not grant but confirms the right of Americans to protect their persons, their property, and Secure the Blessings of Liberty. Americans must remain vigilant against the government's assault on our freedoms.


– Ralph Koslik, Highlands

Brown’s Piece Spot On
Upon being new to the Louisville community last summer and upon finding Carl Brown's columns in The Highlander, I often found it depressing to think of the world Mr. Brown lives in given his 'progressive' slant as expressed in his writings. However, his piece on the Second Amendment was spot on.

For far too long, the issue of private ownership of firearms has been a double standard for those who say they believe in "choice" and expressions of personal freedom. The skill of marksmanship is rewarding for the focus, discipline and practice it requires. And fun, too, let alone the need to protect oneself on, hopefully rare, occasion. The obtrusive aspects of government oversight of private firearms via various regulations or registrations, as Brown pointed out, are also a serious concern that bodes ill for our civil rights.


– David Ellerbrock, Highlands