And while there is seating outside, there’s plenty to do inside. “Friday and Saturday, we have live entertainment,” says Hawkes, a Seattle native who lives in the Cherokee Triangle with Bartley, his partner in life and in business. “Sunday, we have Warren Brown, who’s been playing piano since the ‘70s. He plays whatever you want him to play and people sing along and have a lot of fun with it. There’s live entertainment on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then a video veejay – lots of videos from movies and musicals – and open mic and open piano on Thursday.”

While Mixer doesn’t offer food or a signature drink, it does offer a rotating menu of beer, wine and, of course, cocktails. For Hawkes and company, that’s just another way to stir things up. “It’s that term ‘mixed crowd,’” he explains. “We as the owners are all gay, but we’re not pushing that. We’re looking for a mixed crowd. We want to reflect the diversity of the Highlands, and that’s the kind of clientele we’re trying to attract.”

Those who happen by will find something unlike the rest of the neighborhood – which, paradoxically, means that Mixer fits in perfectly. “It has a very different look from any other bar on Bardstown Road,” Hawkes says. “Kind of an upscale look, quite lively. People are going to notice it’s a nice friendly crowd, a place with ambiance and lots of music.” In other words, a place to hang out, and perhaps even dream a little.

Mixer is located at 1565 Bardstown Road, on the corner of Alta Avenue. The hours of operation are 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. every day but Monday, which is reserved for private parties. For a schedule of events, visit or search for Mixer Bar Louisville on Facebook. For additional information, call (502) 384-1565.

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