In addition to working with more than 20 local farmers and vendors, Green B.E.A.N. Kentucky also draws its wares from farther-flung providers committed to sustainable practices. Furthermore, the company practices what it preaches, using compostable packaging, confining its deliveries to specific days of the week for certain areas (Wednesdays are for the Highlands and downtown, for example) and switching over to a new fleet of electric vehicles. “We definitely try to be an energy-efficient, sustainable company,” Hamilton says. “We have 35-50 stops on a typical route, so you’re saving 35-50 people from going to the grocery.”

Not only is Hamilton a manager at Green B.E.A.N., she’s also a home gardener who grows her own cucumbers, yellow squash and different heirloom tomatoes. She also has a “huge” home composter, which holds the refuse of the week’s bounty of vegetable peels and eggshells. “It makes us less wasteful,” she says.

And waste not, want not. With abundance all year ‘round, Hamilton looks forward to seeing plenty of colorful options. “Right now we’re getting blueberries and strawberries and fava beans. As we get close to June we’re going to see summer squash, zucchini, delicata squash. Midsummer, late summer, we’ll have tomatoes as well. I look forward to a fresh summer tomato ... If you see it at a natural food store, we’re carrying it.”

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