I recently embarked on a journey of epic proportions, an adventure only for the strong, a quest conquered only by the gutsy and the courageous. I decided to have breakfast for dinner, or what I like to call “Brinner.” Not just a small breakfast – I decided to go Bob Evans, Wild Eggs, Sweet ‘n Savory – Saturday style – but it surprisingly occurred on a Tuesday night. 
After a long work day, my girlfriend and I came to the frightening realization that I hardly had any evening-worthy food in the cupboard or refrigerator. To our luck, I happen to have a disproportionate amount of breakfast foods. So we diligently grabbed the eggs, sausage, toast and waffles, cooked it up, poured on the syrup, and served the feast with two giant glasses of apple juice. Not only was this a genius plan, but one of the more satisfying meals ever orchestrated in my domicile.
Halfway through the meal, I felt somewhat guilty, an inner conviction for eating food items out of their proper time alignment. Eating eggs at night? What an atrocity. Waffles during prime time TV? The Horror! If the Aunt Jemima commercials were reality, she would come alive and plead with me to stop upsetting the cosmic balance through my eating habits.
Seriously. Who made the decision that acceptable consumption of certain food items are only in the AM hours? What committee convened in a dark room to set standards on the culinary combinations acceptable to the mainstream populace? We humans so blindly follow dictates, of which we do not know the origin, never thinking as to why the prevailing order exists. While dietary etiquette is fairly supercilious, many other societal norms are more subject to investigation. Examples might include attending college right after high school instead of waiting a few years, obtaining a mortgage instead of saving for a house, hooking up on the third date instead of delaying sexual gratification until marriage, the latter of each choice seeming almost unrealistic to our current thinking.
History is littered with great people who were counter-cultural in their ideology, personality and actions. What would have become of this country had Christopher Columbus accepted that the world was flat? If our forefathers had accepted the reality of taxation without representation? If Martin Luther King Jr. had become comfortable with Jim Crow laws and segregation? This country was built on people who defied the expected results, and if my eating “Brinner,” connects me to the most historic people in the world, then you need to “Leggo my Eggo” in the morning and at night. Next up ... dinner for breakfast, or what I like to call “DeckFast.”

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