Great article! My concern about America's "Drug War" has increased after recently reading Jack Herer's "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" and viewing a documentary called "The House I Live In," in which I have come to understand that the cannabis plant has been criminalized due to ignorance and bigotry as a country.

I also recognize the medicinal benefits and history of this plant in America and as an African American would like to see more African Americans advocating for this flower, especially since we seem to be the most disproportionally criminalized for possessing this plant. I will be attending the first ever Cannabis Cup in Denver (4/20-21) and I plan to document my experience as a filmmaker and return to Louisville with something to share.

I would love to know about any other ways to become involved in advocating for this plant as I truly believe that marijuana legalization will have an affect on America as significant as the .com boom.

Thanks again for decreasing the ignorance about the cannabis plant through your article as I hope to hear and possibly work with you regarding advocating for this plant.


Russell Goodwin


My heart almost stopped as I started your article titled "Reflections on Cannabis." The use of the real term, "cannabis," seems to be intentionally avoided by writers as to not lend any validity to the topic. We are moving to a moment where critical mass is near and we will no longer send 800,000 souls to prison for a plant!

Much Love and Respect,

Sidney Leibson


So Carl Brown does it again – this time with his “Reflections on Cannabis.” Thank you for publishing a smart column by a smart guy.

Beverly Walker, Llano County, Texas


I just finished reading your reflection on cannabis and I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for being another voice to openly speak out about the fact that our government is keeping us, er, trying to keep us, from being able to benefit from marijuana in all aspects. It was an enjoyable read. Thanks again!!

Ashley (last name withheld)


Delightfully fine, your two recently-published essays (one on guns, one on Cannabis)!

Frank Lovell, a Louisville Highlander